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Giant leap of technology, ultra-responsive to light:

TRANSITIONS ®  welcomes genius GEN STM

Giant leap of technology, ultra-responsive to light:

The new standard for prescription glasses.


Transitions Optical has entered an exciting new chapter and embarked on a fantastic journey of innovation for better vision with the launch of a technological revolution – Transitions® GEN S™.

Transitions® GEN S™ sets a new standard in the future of the optical world that pushes the boundaries of traditional prescription lenses. Wearers want more from their eyeglasses than just correction and the research and development team behind the new lens has been working hand in hand with wearers to create a dynamic lens that will go beyond expectations.

GEN SPEED™: Ultra-responsive to light  

Transitions GEN S is the fastest dark lens1* in the clear to dark photochromic category. It is fully clear indoors and darkens in seconds2 outdoors. It is ultra-responsive to light, reaching category three levels of darkness in 25 seconds3* and fading back in less than two minutes4*. In fact, when asked 88% of wearers agreed that Transitions GEN S lenses adapted so fast to light that they didn’t or barely noticed the change5*.

GEN STYLE™: Spectacular colour palette

Transitions GEN S is available in eight exclusive colours, including a brand-new addition: Transitions GEN S Ruby. All colours have been optimised to be true to tone at all stages, offering vibrant tints in any light. While being fully clear indoors, and beautifully coloured outdoors, Transitions GEN S provides endless possibilities of pairing to complement any look.

GEN SMART™: HD vision at the speed of your life 

Transitions GEN S offers better vision quality, faster6* to ensure a continuous visual experience in harmony with varied and changing light environments. Thanks to its responsiveness to light, it provides 39% faster vision recovery from intense bright lights7(A)* versus clear lenses. During fade back, tests have shown a 39.5% improvement in contrast sensitivity7(B)* and 40% faster vision recovery 7(B)* versus the previous generation.

Moreover, Transitions GEN S provides ultimate light protection, darkening outdoors, blocking 100% UVA & UVB rays and filtering up to 32% of blue violet light in the clear state and up to 85% when activated8.

Transitions GEN S innovation elevates the vision experience from a must wear to a ‘love wear’ experience that follows the ever-changing rhythm of life.

Antonio Capra, Transitions® Brand Consultant at EssilorLuxottica, said:

“Patients deserve the best vision care we can offer, and light management is key. To achieve its mission Transitions Optical proposes a solution for comprehensive vision that goes beyond traditional correction. With Transitions GEN S we combine science and technology in a revolutionary product that is intuitive and smart, reacting so fast to light that it adapts to your every move. On top of that Transitions offers an elevated experience of complete pairing through a large colour palette that enables wearers to personalise their looks with vibrant colours to match any frame. Today we have a real opportunity to improve patients’ vision care and Transitions GEN S is set to become a key recommendation for ECPs.”

Transitions GEN S will be available from 4th June 2024.  


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