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Further Information on the New ‘global ambassadors’ who will grow BCLA brand around the world

Further Information on the New ‘global ambassadors’ who will grow BCLA brand around the world

Following on from our original story:

A new network of 15 global ambassadors have been appointed by the BCLA – with the remit of bringing the international contact lens and anterior eye health community closer together than ever before.

The group will cover all five continents, ensuring eye care professionals around the world have access to the BCLA’s ever-growing portfolio of learning resources and materials.

The 15 ambassadors will all be given the opportunity to play a key role in amplifying the BCLA’s commitment to global knowledge sharing, education and networking.

Luke Stevens-Burt, chief executive of the BCLA, said: “Advances in technology mean the world is becoming an ever-smaller place and the BCLA is now a truly global organisation. By putting together this network of some of the leading names in eye health we are ensuring we have the resources to reflect our international appeal.
“Our new ambassadors will help us reach an even wider global audience by sharing our news and updates with their professional networks across multiple regions. They will play a key role in bringing research, skills and knowledge development to like-minded professionals with an interest in contact lens and anterior eye care.”

Fabrizio Zeri, Daddi Fadel, Jacinto Santodomingo-Rubido and Fernando J Fernandez-Velazquez will cover Europe, while Karen Carrasquillo, Melissa Barnett, Bridgitte Shen Lee, Kurt Moody and Scott Schacter will be responsible for the Americas region.

Joserine Samson and David Berkow will cover Africa and the Middle East, with Pauline Cho and Amod Gogate responsible for Asia. Jenni Craig and Nicole Carnt will help to boost the BCLA’s profile in Australasia.

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