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Fit For Purpose the Stepper Way 

Fit For Purpose the Stepper Way 

The SI-20119 is a great example of why TX5 and Titanium are the perfect combination for eyewear.

To understand why, consider the primary purpose of a frame; to hold the lens in the correct position in front of the eye. Not just in the moment of choosing a frame, but when being worn all day, day-in day-out.

“The primary purpose is often downplayed during frame selection at the dispensing,” comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER UK. “This is particularly true for the wearer whose evaluation is often based on emotional criteria (fashion, style, label). Professionals can offer advice, but strong wearer motivations may prevail. The risk is an outcome of heavy or poor-fitting eyewear and, ultimately, wearer dissatisfaction due to less-than-optimal vision and discomfort.”

Suitability for purpose is primary when choosing STEPPER EYEWEAR materials. For the SI-20119 the material combination delivers unrivalled wearer experience. Both the TX5 (plastic) and Titanium elements offer weight and skin allergy benefits over their more frequently used material alternatives.

TX5 is selected for the front. Being moulded into its final, permanent form, including facial contour design and esteemed STEPPER bridge, creates a frame that works in harmony with the wearer’s anatomy.

Svelte Titanium sides offer innate rigidity combined with strength to achieve excellent fit characteristics, holding the frame securely in its desired position.

Once the primary function is satisfied, the style and colouring are considered. “The SI-20119 has a contemporary, minimalist look. Evergreen designs and ‘easy-to-suit’ properties are synonymous with the brand,“ adds Peter. The TX5 manufacturing process allows for almost infinite colour and pattern possibilities. For the UK market smoke, grey-blue mottle and blue colours are available in size 54-17.





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