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Exposing the double insurance in PI in UK

Exposing the double insurance in PI

FODO warns of double PI insurance in Optics UK

Individual GOC registrants

FODO is experiencing an increasing number of employed GOC registrants asking to join us for medical malpractice insurance.

Many incorrectly believe that they automatically need their own medical malpractice insurance in addition to cover provided by their employer.

Employed registrants do not always need their own medical malpractice insurance. Read more on our website.

FODO is FCA registered and will not sell insurance to individuals in circumstances which would result in double cover and not be consistent with FCA standards.

If you are an employed GOC registrant, please contact your employer to check whether the medical malpractice insurance they have in place covers you before applying for separate medical malpractice insurance. In most cases you will not need to pay for any additional medical malpractice insurance.

FODO insured members

If you are an employer and have FODO’s medical malpractice insurance, please inform employed GOC registrants that there is an effective insurance contract in place for their medical malpractice risk. They do not need to purchase separate insurance for this same risk.

If employees also work outside your organisation – e.g. they do some part-time locum work – they will need their own insurance for that work and FODO will quote for this cover.

Please contact for further information.

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