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Essilor report strong product satisfaction results

Essilor report strong product satisfaction results

Essilor Ltd announce solid product satisfaction survey results for the latest generation of its adaptive lens, Transitions Signature Gen 8.

Transitions 2021 from Essilor
The survey questioned 117 ECPs to gauge feedback on the newest photochromic lens and when compared to previous models, nine in ten respondents (92%) thought that Transitions Signature Gen 8 ‘brought something new to their patients’.

Overall, three quarters of those questioned (74%) believed the Gen 8 wearer experience to be superior to other photochromic lenses on the market, while nine in ten independents (91%) referred to the new lens as being much or slightly better than previous models in the range.

Out of the 29 ECPs who had personally worn the lens, 24 of them (83%) said they were completely or very satisfied.

In response to whether they would recommend the lens to a friend or a colleague on a scale of 0 to ten, it received a promising net promoter score (NPS) of 41.9.

The majority were pleased with improvements with one independent explaining “I wear Transitions Signature Gen 8 myself and am happy with them” and another recounting how they had “sold these lenses in great numbers and customers love them”.

In terms of stats, 94 per cent were happy with the activation time, 93 per cent liked the tint when darkened and two thirds said they were completely or very satisfied with the speed to clear.

An ECP highlighted they believed “the best improvement is the speed that it goes back to clear indoors”, while another noted the “the convenience of an all-in-one product with faster reaction times”.

Tim Precious, managing director at Essilor Ltd said: “We’re pleased to see the results of the survey and gain insightful feedback from our customers.

“Previous research has shown that users are most concerned about the speed it takes for adaptive lenses to return to clear so it’s really positive to hear that two thirds of ECPs are happy with this function. This will be a strong selling point for conversations between optical staff and their patients about comfortable vision in the future.”

In terms of training and support, 89 per cent were satisfied with the customer service provided and three quarters (74%) said that the brand consultants had a positive impact on their image of Transitions.

“We’re always striving to improve support for our ECP business partners, and we’ll use these insights to enhance and develop products, training and marketing support further,” Tim Precious added.