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ESSILOR opens a Best Practice Virtual Showroom

ESSILOR opens a Best Practice Virtual Showroom

Essilor Ltd unveils its first virtual showroom and welcomes ECPs to take an interactive guided tour of its flagship store.

Essilor's Virtual Showroom The “Essilor Virtual Centre” presents a first-class optical practice, driven by innovation and differentiation to provide a complete in-store experience.

It demonstrates ways ECP’s can future proof with new technologies that support social distancing to help build consumer confidence at a time when many patients are reluctant to book an optical appointment.

Tim Precious, managing director at Essilor Ltd said: “The virtual centre brings to life what we offer to help ECPs provide the finest consumer experience and safest visual offering possible.

“Worryingly, a recent YouGov survey by charity Fight for Sight revealed that one in five people were less likely to get an eye test now than before the pandemic, for fear of catching or spreading the virus.

“It is evident that the pandemic is having an enormous impact on the profession and growth is likely to remain unpredictable until consumer confidence stabilises. The independent sector needs future proofing and there has never been a better time for business owners to take a leap of faith.

“There are many ways we can work together to build this confidence and the virtual show room provides ways to embrace change by offering socially distanced eye examinations and screenings to reassure patients when anxiety levels are at an all-time high.

“So, whether you are an established partner looking for the latest product updates or wish to work more closely with us, the tour lets you explore what’s on offer and how we can help be your best business partner.”

Visitors can discover and engage with Essilor’s portfolio of products and services to find out more about the instruments, lenses, and services showcased inside.

During the tour, ECPs find out more about marketing tools available to attract customers in-store and engage with them once inside.

The latest instruments for an eye exam room and an in-store lens lab are showcased in its ‘screen and prescribe’ section, in addition to advanced digital tools to achieve precise patient measurements.

Digital selling solutions to facilitate lens recommendations to customers also feature and exclusive lens brands to correct vision, protect the eyes and enhance the clarity of vison are explored.

Visit and select Essilor UK & Ireland from the drop-down list.

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