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Essilor extends ecp loyalty scheme

Essilor extends ECP loyalty scheme

January 2021

Essilor ECP Loyalty extended
Essilor Ltd has extended its Varilux Lens Specialist (VLS) loyalty scheme as part of a Covid-19 support package for independent opticians affected by the pandemic.


Points that were due to expire at the start of February can now be put towards extra marketing support over the next 12 months including branded merchandise, reading charts, media adverts and Facebook support.

Tim Precious, managing director at Essilor Ltd said: “We are giving ECPs the opportunity to use leftover points towards additional marketing support to help drive footfall in-store and get business back on track as the industry regains momentum.”

Points can also be exchanged for discounts on a selection of instruments to help a practice perform socially distanced eye examinations and create a safe environment for patients. This includes the newly launched Vision-R700 Phoropter which can be operated up to seven metres away from the patient.

“These technologies deliver strong personalised, patient experiences and will be invaluable in increasing consumer confidence and regaining trust from customers who have overlooked eye health in recent months,” said Tim Precious.

As part of the wider Covid-19 support package, Essilor Ltd continues to offer training and virtual business consultations.

Furthermore, it has several recently launched ‘drive to store’ strategies including a Take Two multi-pair and a customer satisfaction guarantee launching this month.

Lens equipment discounts and deals are available for opticians to obtain rebates against their monthly payments if extra financial support is needed.

Essilor Ltd’s CET platform is also available for opticians to complete points needed during the last year of the three-year learning cycle. Content is uploaded on a regular basis with current sessions covering ‘The truth about blue light’ and ‘Protecting the eye from long-term photo chemical damage’.

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