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Essilor builds extra personalisation into Varilux entry range

Essilor builds extra personalisation into Varilux entry range

Essilor Ltd has introduced frame personalisation f-360˚ into its varifocal lens, Varilux Comfort Max, to bring improved visual performance to more patients.

Essilor Varilux F360
Varilux Comfort Max f-360˚ enables opticians to offer extra lens personalisation to their entry-range patients by incorporating frame fitting measurements.

Using optical dispensing equipment, Eye-Ruler 2 or Visioffice, allows the practitioner to offer patients a unique in-store experience, while at the same time ensuring the highest accuracy when taking the frame fitting parameters.

Tim Precious, managing director at Essilor Ltd said: “Personalisation is a major area of opportunity for opticians right now.

“The range extension widens our portfolio of personalised lenses available in the Varilux range to help offer a solution for more patients.

“It allows ECPs to dispense a lens optimised to a patient’s chosen frame and designed to adjust to the patient’s movements giving greater flexibility in the postures they can adopt while wearing spectacles.

“Users can adopt up to 495 different body postures when looking at a computer or desktop screen, providing more comfortable vision all day long.”

Varilux Comfort Max was developed using advanced avatar simulations to mathematically model the conditions of real-life vision tasks to refine the design before live testing.

Designed using Essilor’s Flex Optim technology, it increases the ‘useful vision zone’ of the lens by up to 46 per cent, enabling wearers to adopt a broader range of head movements which provides an increased level of comfort.

POS is available to support the range extension including patient leaflets and posters.

Varilux Comfort Max f-360˚ is available from 5 July 2021.

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