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Demand for replacement lenses soars according to The London Ophthalmology Centre

Demand for replacement lenses soars according to The London Ophthalmology Centre

Founded in 2005. LondonOC is the first exclusive eye surgery centre in Harley street area. The London Ophthalmology Centre is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Staff and doctors are fully trained and registered with the (GMC) General Medical Council, and the Royal college of Ophthalmology, and other relevant bodies is located at the HarleyStreet Practice.

They predict the ‘dream’ treatment, that does not degrade, will outstrip demand for laser

The London Ophthalmology Centre (Lon”donOC) reports the number of individual patients requesting lens replacement treatments has doubled since 2019. Intraocular Lens (IOL) Replacement (or refractive lens exchange) is a ground-breaking treatment which can correct many different eye disorders and does not degrade over time.

Many suitable patients report a transformational result following treatment which includes brighter colouration, no need for reading glasses and no deterioration, that means that the eyes remain at their optimum level for the rest of people’s lives. In contrast laser eye surgery where you may need further treatment within 10 years, and still need reading glasses.

Mr Vik Sharma (MBBS BSc FRCOphth), Clinical Director, London OC, and a Consultant Ophthalmologist, Cataract and Glaucoma Specialist says; “Lens replacement is one of the most exciting and revolutionary procedures that we have been able to perform until now. It is a versatile technique, that many people are suitable to be considered for and it solves a diverse range of problems. People are starting to understand that the synthetic lenses that we use are designed to last 100 years which means that people who are significantly older, or people who have very strong prescriptions can revert their sight to twenty twenty vision and have that last their entire lives. It is a powerful procedure with the potential to provide a huge positive impact on quality of life. It gives people their freedom back.”

He continues; “Lots of people don’t even know that Lens Replacement exists until they develop quite severe symptoms and seek treatment for cataracts. Lens Replacement can correct many eye problems including normal age-related degeneration and stop the development of cataracts at all.”

Here are the things people should know about Lens Replacement:

1. It’s permanent for life
Lens Replacement surgery is the only permanent solution for clear distance and reading vision, for life!

All other treatments begin to deteriorate over time or correct only one element of vision. For instance, if you have laser then you will likely still need reading glasses. It means you could be 80 years old and have the same eyesight that you had as a child. No glasses, no contact lenses just perfect vision.

2. More people have it than you realise
There are around 3 million Lens Replacement surgeries each year throughout Europe. So even though it is cutting-edge new technology it is also tried and tested. The surgery is safe with few complications reported. Lens replacement is one of the safest medical procedures with millions performed with low rates of complications reported.

3. It fixes many different problems
Many people discover lens replacement as a treatment to cure cataracts however it can treat many other eye problems including long sightedness, short sightedness, presbyopia and astigmatism.

It is also suitable for many different people. Some people are not good candidates for laser eye surgery because of their age (over 50s are frequently not suitable), the strength of their prescription or for other reasons. It can be hugely beneficial for those with very poor vision due to genetic eye conditions, eye trauma or eye injury. It is also good for people who are genetically predisposed to develop cataracts.

4. Painless and quick recovery
Lens Replacement is performed using local anaesthetic, so it is a day case surgery taking only 10-15minutes, and a painless procedure with a recovery time of around 2 days with optimum vision within 4 weeks.

The LondonOC uses pioneering innovative techniques with the best on-site technology including SLT laser; HD multifocal lenses and extended depth of focus lenses; minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS); Xen and preserflo stents; Hydrus and istent; and all glaucoma surgery.

Specialist treatment areas include; glaucoma, cataracts, vision correction, macular degeneration, trauma & injury, lens replacement, chronic & degenerative eye conditions. London OC is located at The Harley Street Specialist Hospital in Harley Street’s Medical Area and offers virtual consultations during the pandemic.

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