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Bridging Healthcare Disciplines through Domiciliary Optometry

OutsideClinic: Bridging Healthcare Disciplines through Domiciliary Optometry

In an inspiring collaboration between healthcare disciplines, OutsideClinic recently led a unique shadowing experience between nursing and domiciliary optometry. This initiative saw Harriet, a dedicated nursing student at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol, immerse herself in the distinctive world of domiciliary eye care under the mentorship of experienced OutsideClinic optometrist, Kate O’Brien.
The pairing was more than just professional; it was founded on a long-standing friendship. Harriet, whose current focus is on a stroke ward, sought help from her friend Kate, to help her broaden her understanding of healthcare by exploring the critical role of eye health and how it plays a role in overall patient wellness.
The experience illuminated the significance of thorough eye exams – not just for eye conditions but as windows to wider systemic health issues. Together, they explored how visual health impacts independence and the crucial connected between eye and systemic health.
A standout moment for Harriet was witnessing the personalised care that domiciliary settings allow for, offering a stark contract to the structured environment of hospitals. “Experiencing patient care in their own homes was truly enlightening,” Harriet shared.
Kate echoes the sentiment, stressing the educational value for healthcare professionals of experiencing domiciliary care’s unique environment. “It’s crucial for healthcare professionals to grasp the benefits of eye tests and the array of systemic pathologies they can reveal,” Kate highlighted.
This mutual exchange of insights was profoundly benefited. Kate gained a richer understanding of the intersection between optometry and the broader health management, while Harriet’s perspective was broadened to include the intricate anatomy of the eye and it’s role in comprehensive stoke care.
“Collaborating across disciplines is immensely rewarding. It has enriched my practice and deepened my appreciation for patient-centric care,” Kate reflected. Harriet concurred, noting the significant impact on her education and patient care approach, fostering a holistic view of patients beyond their conditions.
This shadowing experience underscores OutsideClinic’s commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, enhancing patient care and professional development by connecting nursing and optometry.
Inspired by stories like Harriet and Kate’s? OutsideClinic is on the lookout for passionate individuals eager to explore the dynamic field of domiciliary optometry. We offer shadowing days to give you a real taste of what it’s like to make a difference in the community, one patient at a time. If you’re interested in a rewarding career that takes you beyond the traditional settings and into the heart of domiciliary care, we would love to hear from you. Discover more about how you can join our team and help shape the future of eye health.
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