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BLACKFIN AERO – the essence of lightness

BLACKFIN AERO – the essence of lightness

An eloquent name exemplifies its features: Blackfin introduces AERO, the new line of rimless optical frames. Of Greek origin, the word AERO is synonymous with air and thus, lightness, ensured by ultra-thin, highly prized beta titanium rims.

Blackfin Aerofin range of Fashion Specs from Italy

The technical traits of these frames take their cue from the world of aeronautics.

The Blackfin team has invested more than two years in AERO in order to craft a unique, minimalist product that fuses pure design and extreme functionality in the name of innovation. Each AERO style is made with a 0.7 mm thin sheet of beta titanium for the bridge – ensuring absolute frame stability – and 0.5 mm for the temples, to ensure flexibility and a comfortable fit. Unique in shape but traditional in its micro-mechanics, the hinge lends an air of solidity and can be easily adjusted.

The pairing of technical features and aesthetic details led to the creation of two different bridge concepts: one geometric, with bolder, angular shapes; and one retro, more refined and agile, that lends futuristic flair to the classic rimless styles of the late 1800s. But the true innovation in these frames is the new patented lens fastener. Drawn directly from the end pieces, the protrusion becomes a distinctive, minimalist detail.

The Blackfin AERO line comprises 20 lens shapes and 20 colors, 10 for each bridge type. Specifically, the colors are divided into 4 macro-families: monocolor (solid colors, to highlight the product’s minimalist roots), bicolor (combination of two colors, internal and external), antique (hand-colored for an antiqued effect) and shiny (polished silver and gold).

Blackfin AERO are fitted with a new version of the more streamlined TILT PAD nose pads, better suited to the aesthetics and weight of the frame, as well as the adjustable Swordfish temple tips.
Introduced to the public through a series of photographs, the new AERO frames are portrayed above fire-blackened wood cubes handcrafted using the Japanese Yakisugi technique – a visual reference to the art installation created for the To the roots ad campaign.

This line joins the increasingly vast yet consistent Blackfin portfolio, which will expand brand perception from mono-product toward a more structured and complete product range, but one that always has titanium at its core.

Blackfin One, the main collection, imbued with all the brand’s DNA; Blackfin Aura, where titanium intersects with and is enhanced by cellulose acetate rims; Blackfin Razor, all the best of Blackfin in an even lighter version; and now Blackfin Aero, rimless like you’ve never seen them before.