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Attempts to gain a foothold on the new ICPs

The OFNC, BMA, BDA, PSNC and NCHA worked together to call on the government to ensure that all of primary care could influence the new Integrated Care Boards’(ICBs)through the new statutory Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs).as they have done throughout the passage of the recent Health and Care Act through Parliament,

The government gave reassurances in the House of Lords about primary care’s vital role in the new systems. It is therefore expected that wider primary care, including eye care providers, will have an opportunity to work constructively with ICBs through ICPs.

Recently published guidance to commissioners preparing to transition to new ICBs has reiterated this by saying that the nominated primary medical lead should “bring the perspective of general practice and an understanding of wider primary care, including primary care networks (PCNs), and primary dental, community pharmacy and optometry providers”.

This letter, has been sent to peers who spoke up for primary care in the House of Lords by the primary care providers.

FODO announced that the national bodies will be working through LOCSU to help LOCs ensure that this influence is genuine and heeded.  .

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