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Accelerate refraction, without compromising accuracy

Accelerate refraction, without compromising accuracy

Essilor Ltd has launched the new Vision-R700 phoropter for a faster, socially distanced, refraction without compromising accuracy.


Vision R700 from Essilor
As an extension to the Vision-R portfolio, the new equipment obtains a speedy refraction in only three minutes to help reduce the length of an eye examination, whilst achieving accurate and repeatable results.

The innovative technology incorporates a multiple increment algorithm and a series of patient specific smart programmes incorporating Digital Infinite Refraction to shorten the process and give an exact 0.25D refraction.

Instruments director, Paul Cumber said: “By reducing chair time, the new phoropter could help practices see up to two extra patients a day.

“This is invaluable amongst current COVID-19 restrictions and ECPs having to cut back on appointments because of social distancing and lengthy cleaning regimes.”

The Vision-R700 suits a business model of speed and volume of appointments. Unlike the original Vision-R800 model which involves a longer examination to refract precise prescription for personalised lens.

It shares all the innovation of the existing 800 model to give a traditional accuracy step but cuts the testing time in half by halving the measurement stages.

With the ability to be operated up to seven metres away it respects social distancing measures and will help boost consumer confidence during an eye examination.

Paul Cumber added: “It has been specifically designed for practices who see a high quantity of patients each day and makes an ideal upgrade option for ECPs currently using a trial frame and looking for a new phoropter for speedier refractions.

“Until now, the only way to shorten the traditional procedure of bracketing sphere, cylinder and axis independently was by cutting crucial steps. This leads to bigger variances and an estimation of the prescription.

“Using the phoropter will help practices obtain repeatable results to eliminate the discrepancy you can get with a traditional subjective refraction. If a patient returned each year for an eye examination but saw a different optom, there should still be consistency with the outcome.”

Less labour intensive for the patient and ECP

Vision R700 from Essilor The Vision-R700 makes the eye examination less labour intensive for the patient and ECP too. It is designed to be a shorter test time, with a smoother refraction flow that makes it easier to answer for the patient and less tiring because of the algorithms and optical module.

The changes are quick, quiet and concise, and the patients can see the difference much easier than if there was a delay. This all creates a more pleasant patient experience with the option to show old versus new prescriptions to aid conversations.

It was developed with ease of use as its starting point and guides the practitioner from start to finish. The ECP only needs to record data, while the phoropter changes the dioptric values and relevant tests to achieve the final result.

The phoropter is also much easier to clean than a traditional trial frame which helps speed up the cleaning time between patient appointments.

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