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The World Council of Optometry (WCO) is celebrating World Children’s Day 2023

The World Council of Optometry (WCO) is celebrating World Children’s Day 2023 with the official launch of our Pediatric Resource

A clinical resource for optometrists as they deliver accessible, quality eye care to children across the globe

WCO is pleased to offer this resource to the public, which includes clinical information, assessment tools and references for clinicians to use to help children and their families in accessing the best eyecare possible. WCO thanks Public Health Committee members, past and present, for their contributions.

“World Children’s Day 2023 is an annual opportunity for each of us to advocate for the rights of children. Now is a time to consider how we can help protect and support our children so they can grow up to be productive and successful adults,” shared WCO President Dr. Sandra S. Block. “The World Council of Optometry supports efforts to ensure that vision development is considered as part of a child’s overall growth and development. The experts who volunteer for our organization have worked hard to put together this excellent resource for optometrists to help each of you better assess, diagnose, and treat vision and eye health problems in the children you serve.”

“This resource will be valuable for everyone that wants to know more about the guidelines and equipment that is available for working with children. The Pediatric Resource is complementary to the existing IAPB School Eye Health Guidelines and can be an add-on in settings where clinicians are able to provide further screening and treatment or if they want to understand what else is available to aspire to,” shared Priya Morjaria, WCO Public Health Committee Chair. “We hope that both members and non-members will access it.

The resource will evolve over time, and it is our hope that those who use it may share any further additions or feedback with us at enquiries@worldoptometry.org.”
Optometrists are encouraged to access the Pediatric Resource on WCO’s website at https://worldcouncilofoptometry.info/pediatric-resource/.

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