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3DNA announces a new digital dispensing desk and updated eyewear design app.

3DNA announces a new digital dispensing desk and updated eyewear design app.

Compared to existing kiosks, the new desk format brings sleek looks for retailers to modernize the dispensing floor, and affords a relaxed, seated position during eyewear fitting sessions.

The dispensing desk features adjustable LED backlit shelving, 50-piece swatch display, illuminated 3D scanning mirror, and three 4K touchscreen monitors:

  • 43-inch side-mounted display for advertising, marketing, and education content.
  • 32-inch monitor gives the ECPs full control of the 3DNA design app features.
  • 27-inch table top touch screen links with the ECP display, enabling the client to see the design session and interact with it on screen.

v1.9 App Features:

Wizard – Step to step guide to create their own eyewear design. Easy and quick to use. Ninja – Advanced design mode with full professional features. Fully control shape and material.

Swipe – Self-selecting design feed. Rapidly try on designs without customization.

New Materials – 100 new acetate color varieties.

New Shapes – 50 new frame styles.

New Library – upload to add your own frame shapes.

About 3DNA Technology

Initiate “eyewear as a service” to avoid the price-shopping trap of mass-produced frames. Empower the creative opticians to utilize their styling, fitting, measuring, and adjusting skills to make the ideal pair of eyewear for their customers. Leverage on-demand eyewear production to reduce exposure to inventory costs and management.

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