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23° EYEWEAR Presents rectangular one, The new model of foldable sunglasses

23° EYEWEAR Presents rectangular one, The new model of foldable sunglasses

A city eco-warrior chooses to face everyday life with the best gear, with the enterprising spirit of someone who is aware that we live on a planet that needs to be cared for and preserved. Just like 23° Eyewear sunglasses, made with a zero-impact circular design approach.

23° Eyewear is not just a brand but a true philosophy of life that encourages people to slow down and reflect on the harmony of nature in relation to their own selves. This attitude can also be found in the details, such as in the new foldable RECTANGULAR ONE sunglasses, an urban style model that is ideal for any situation and perfect to be folded and tucked into a pocket.

RECTANGULAR ONE presents a geometric line of sunglasses made of NEOCLEUS, a state-of-the-art synthesis of a naturally derived biomaterial, a high-tech manufacturing process and an innovative and sustainable production process that allows it to be recycled indefinitely. The matte-coloured frame has the 23° logo on the tone-on-tone zip and is enclosed in a case made from recycled material.

The Barberini mineral glass sun lenses not only ensure superior vision but, depending on the type and colour, make these glasses ideal for both city use and extreme sporting activities in different weather conditions.

23° Eyewear is a brand born from the collaboration between Mirage, a historic Italian eyewear company and the conceptual design of Studio Russo with an “eco-thought” at its heart: that of creating eyewear that in turn gives life to other eyewear, eliminating waste. A circular flow that begins, ends and begins again without stopping, in perpetual motion like the Earth.

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