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23° EYEWEAR _ A Natural Inclination

23° EYEWEAR _ A Natural Inclination

The new eyewear brand that (re)connects the man to the planet


23 Degrees
The number of the couple of chromosomes of the human genome, the angle between the median axes of the eyes and its orbits, the Earth inclination degrees: 23 is a number that links the man to his Planet in an endless natural cycle. An ideal code that identifies the new collection of 23° Eyewear, which has been recently launched in Italy and will be soon distributed in the European markets.

Born from the collaboration between Mirage manufacturing expertise, historical Italian eyewear producer, and the conceptual design of Studio Russo, 23° Eyewear tells a new ethical vision of the man in regards to the planet Earth.

Based on Lavoisier’s paradigm “In nature nothing is created and nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed”, 23° Eyewear finds its roots in a circular “eco-thinking”: create eyewear that will give life to other eyewear, setting the waste to zero.

Each frame is made of NEOCLEUS, an avant-garde synthesis between a bio-based material, a high tech manufacture and an innovative and sustainable production process that allows the endless recyclability.

A circular flow that starts, ends and starts again without a stop, in an eternal movement like the Earth, but with a perfectly imperfect balance like the human body.

The collection consists in genderless sunglasses with pure shapes that recall the geometries found in nature and the superior quality of Barberini mineral lenses, realized in 4 formulas that are especially studied for this line.

Awareness, will and action: to preserve and cure our Planet, choosing to act with consciousness. A symbiosis between the man and the environment, in a continuous flow of endless energy that transforming itself, evolves creating the new.

Because nature takes and gives back everything to the Earth, and the man has the duty to keep this continuous exchange alive in a universal and divine circle that connects all the elements.

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