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Tips on Eye Examination for those with Autism

A new Clinical Briefing Paper has been added to our listing 

A syndicated briefing paper named: Tips on Eye Examination for those with Autism

The paper has been written for Opchat News by Jake Hopkins is an optometrist turned stay-at-home dad.

You will find it under our Clinical Briefing tabs on the home page as well as here

Going for an eye exam can be a strange and intimidating process for any child.

With lots of unfamiliar instruments and technology, it can be quite overwhelming – and even more so for autistic children. As an optician, you’ll naturally want to ensure that every patient’s eye exam is as comfortable as possible, but to minimise the discomfort for autistic children, you may need to take additional steps.

Jake has written about creating a comfortable environment, you can make sure you get accurate results and hopefully reduce their anxieties for the future. In this article, we discuss some of our top tips to make an eye exam as comfortable as possible for an autistic child. And the Px journey .

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