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The most famous spectacle wearers? Clue – Glasto !

Brits name Sir Elton John the most frame-ous Spectacle Wearer of The Year


  • Sir Elton beat other celebrities including Alan Carr and Jonny Depp to top the list.
  • The research commissioned by Specsavers also found that one in five people (21%) believe that glasses have become the top fashion accessory.
  • Nearly half (48%) of respondents believe that glasses were once considered “uncool” but now feel everyone wants to wear them.

Whether it’s giant glasses, feathery fits or bejewelled blazers, Sir Elton John brought the glitz and glam as he took the headline spot at Glastonbury Festival for the first time.

Elton was watched by over 7 million people last night on screen as well as 210000 festival goers.

To celebrate his farewell British performance, new research commissioned by Specsavers crowns the icon the all-time spectacle Wearer of The Year.

The poll of 2,000 Brits by the high street audiology and optometry experts show that it’s not just a string of award-winning classics that has made the British legend a star – his extravagant eyewear throughout his five-decade-long career has played its part in making him frame-ous.

It comes as no surprise that 80% say Sir Elton John’s glasses are memorable, highlighting the bright frame colours that left a lasting impression on 67 percent of respondents. Additionally, three fifths (60%) attribute the unforgettable nature of his eyewear to their size, while nearly half (48%) were captivated by the sparkles.

Speaking about Sir Elton’s trademark look, Specsavers’ frame stylist Bianca Swan said: “Sir Elton John’s headline performance on the Pyramid Stage was undoubtedly a defining moment in his career. However, we believe this recognition as the ‘Spectacle Wearer of All Time’ could come a close second. Whether it’s his signature bright frames, the attention-grabbing size, or sparkling embellishments, Sir Elton’s glasses have left an indelible mark on the minds of fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.’

Celebrities not still standing for the title, include comedian Alan Carr, coming in at a reputable second place with his distinctive thick black frames. Meanwhile, snooker sensation Dennis Taylor and his unmistakeable giant half-rimmed specs, secured him a well-deserved third place. Not to be forgotten, the Black Eyed Peas rapper and The Voice judge, Will.I.Am claimed the fifth spot, adding some cutting-edge fashion flair to the list.

More generally, the poll showed that nearly a fifth (18 percent) of respondents now believe that celebrities who wear glasses are more memorable. Furthermore, 54 percent consider the style of the frame to be the most defining characteristic. Demonstrating the pull of celebrity style choices, one in 10 individuals even admitted to being inspired by a glasses-wearing celebrity when choosing their next pair.

The poll’s findings suggest a growing trend in eyewear fashion, with nearly half (48%) of respondents expressing that glasses were once considered “uncool” but now feel like everyone wants to wear them. In fact, one in five people (21 percent) declared that glasses have become the coolest fashion accessory.



  1. Sir Elton John
  2. Alan Carr
  3. Dennis Taylor
  4. Johnny Depp
  5. I.Am
  6. Bill Gates
  7. Bono
  8. Billie Jean King
  9. Whoopi Goldberg
  10. Stanley Tucci
  11. Oprah Winfrey
  12. Lady Gaga
  13. Meryl Streep
  14. Simon Cowell
  15. RuPaul
  16. Emma Watson
  17. Tom Hiddleston
  18. Kate Winslet
  19. Ryan Gosling
  20. Victoria Beckham
  21. Alan Cumming
  22. Benedict Cumberbatch
  23. Eddie Redmayne
  24. Tommy Hilfiger
  25. Michelle Visage

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