AIO – The  voice of reason in Optics!

Not our words, but those of the Press in recent times.



The Association for Independent Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians (AIO) is the only professional body that solely represents the interests of Independents and is therefore uniquely placed to take up the challenge of promoting the sector.

Established nearly 60 years ago, the Association has grown and developed into an effective and respected representative body in optics. It is ‘not for profit’ and run on a voluntary basis by Independent Practitioners for Independents.

Do you want to be part of a vibrant and sustainable Independent sector? 


Full membership at £100 annually is open to all GOC registered Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians in Independent practice – either as Principals, Employees or Locums with special rates for the newly qualified.

There are also Associate, for those who work in Independent practice but are not GOC registered and Affiliate, for those who support Independent practice but are not in practice plus Practice membership options

What we do.

AIO is not only engaging with Government, the GOC and other important stakeholders to fight the corner of the Independent sector, it is also introducing a Code of Practice for patients that will help Independent practices clearly differentiate what they offer on the High Street.

Those Practices that sign up to the Code will receive stakeholder and media support in their local community to build awareness of the Code and the long term eye health benefits that Code subscribers offer.

The Association believes that it is essential that the independent sector has a strong and respected voice with all key influencers in Optics

AIO has a mission to play a full part in improving the eye health of the nation through a robust and sustainable Independent sector. If you are not a part of this – perhaps you should be.

The AIO is the only professional body that exclusively represents the independent sector.


To keep tabs on the Independent Sector, why not join?

The AIO welcomes and encourages student members into Independent practice as well as offering a discounted membership structure for newly qualified Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians.

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