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SAFILENS introduces DELIVERY, a Global Breakthrough in Contact Lenses

SAFILENS introduces DELIVERY, a Global Breakthrough in Contact Lenses

In addition to vision correction, the new family of contact lenses, DELIVERY, offers physiological and eye-development benefits


In the year of its 20th anniversary, Safilens launches DELIVERY, a game-changing new family of contact lenses.

Pioneering an innovative era in the field of contact lenses, the project was developed in partnership with Fondazione Banca degli Occhi del Veneto ONLUS (Veneto Eye Bank Foundation) – European leader for more than 30 years in the research, transplant and treatment of ocular diseases.

Through the development of innovative materials and technologies, Safilens has consistently striven to deliver the best possible wearing experience to its contact lens users by developing lenses with increasingly high performance and comfort levels while reducing side effects to a minimum.

“As manufacturers of contact lenses, we are well aware of the importance of these medical devices in the lives of users who wear them for many hours a day, many days a week and many years in their lifetime,” remarked Safilens General Manager, Daniele Bazzocchi. “In light of this, we took an entirely different approach to the redesign of the contact lens, not only as a way of correcting a vision defect but also as an authentic aid to the wellbeing and physiology of the eye. The valuable work of our R&D department, as well as the extraordinary vision of our parent company, the Bruno Farmaceutici Group, allowed us to introduce this new product.”

With the Coronavirus still wreaking global social-economic havoc, Safilens is nonetheless determined to continue its innovative policy by conceptualizing and launching a new family of lenses.


New DELIVERY contact lens from Safilens
The first product in the family is DELIVERY TYRO, a daily contact lens with biological functions, designed to release tyrosine, an amino acid that helps normalize ocular development.

Why Tyrosine?

Tyrosine is beneficial because it participates in the metabolic processes of the cell; its concentration influences the presence of dopamine. “Because it is a natural substance, tyrosine has an extremely low level of toxicity and is constantly present in the blood. It crosses the natural barriers – for example, the blood-brain barrier – that often inhibit the penetration of drugs.

Recent research has revealed that dopamine plays a key role in proper development of eye anatomy. Thus, by releasing tyrosine, there will be a higher concentration of dopamine in the blood or in the structures of the eye,” explained Dr. Diego Ponzin, Medical Director of the Fondazione Banca degli Occhi del Veneto Onlus.

DELIVERY TYRO lenses not only correct myopia but also favor normalization of the development of the eye.

Which explains why this is a contact lens designed especially for young people – because myopia is a refractive impairment that appears in the first few years of life, it aids prevention through the supply of dopamine, a natural substance that influences cell metabolism.


Thanks to the exclusive manufacturing process patented by Safilens, DELIVERY contact lenses are enriched with natural substances, like Lachryceuticals®.

These are natural constituents present in foods, microbial agents or plants which, by exploiting the pharmaceutical synthesis techniques of products of natural origin, are selected ad hoc and are able to influence some physiological processes.

According to Safilens QA Manager, Alessandra Perco, “The use of dietary supplements based on natural substances, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids has gained widespread popularity.”

Given this assumption, Lachryceuticals® – substances we can deliver through our tear film – were developed to contribute wellbeing to the eye and to vision. This biochemical approach makes it possible to act on the physiology of the eye, reducing risk factors and maintaining the eye in an optimal state of health.


During the production process, Safilens introduces functional substances into the lens matrix that are gradually released into the eye. These include hyaluronic acid, TSP® – a natural polymer extracted from tamarind seeds that has extensive mucoadhesive properties without overly increasing the viscosity of the solution – and tyrosine.

The release of these gels present in the lens occurs primarily due to three factors: body temperature, they are temperature-sensitive and the higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity; blinking, which occurs about 13- to 14-thousand times a day thus squeezing the contact lens – a thin transparent sponge that contains these elements; eyelid pressure, which facilitates the release of these substances into the eye.

DELIVERY TYRO daily disposable lenses also make it possible to ensure safety, hygiene and simplicity of use for wearers of all ages, including youth and children. The biochemical approach helps mitigate the risk factors in proper ocular development resulting from the modern lifestyle, such as excessive accommodative effort or inadequate exposure to the beneficial wavelengths of natural light.

“We are quite pleased with our progress so far. For us, it was like walking into a room where there were many things to read, study and examine,” stated Safilens R&D Manager,

Alessandro Filippo. We are also grateful for the relationships developed daily with some very eminent industry contacts (facilitated by our parent company, Bruno Farmaceutici), which allowed us to talk shop in a field that is new to us and in which support was crucial. We said we had entered a room but, who knows, someday it might be transformed into a new building.”

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