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Ørgreen Optics Launches “Runaway” & “Upside” Frames 

Ørgreen Optics Launches “Runaway” & “Upside” Frames

In the HAVN Stainless Steel Collection

Ørgreen Optics is thrilled to unveil its latest eyewear innovations, the “Runaway” and “Upside” frames, as key highlights of the vibrant HAVN stainless steel collection.

The collection’s evocative name draws inspiration from the tranquil harbors and intricate canal networks surrounding our Copenhagen headquarters. The names of these frames pay homage to the plethora of boats adorning the harbor, while their vivid color schemes reflect the rich palette of hues found in the houses nearby.

Innovation Rooted in Tradition
Crafted from stainless steel, the “Runaway” and “Upside” frames embody Ørgreen’s unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and aesthetic excellence. Each frame stands as a bold testament to our commitment to merging innovative design with functional beauty, marked by a daring approach to color.

• A Hexapantos shape that radiates masculine charm.
• Ultra-light proportions that redefine comfort.
• A subtle step-up on the top bar, adding a layer of sophistication.
• A tonal color palette that exudes quiet confidence with every glance.

• A Classical Pillow rectangle shape, timeless in its allure.
• Inspiration drawn from the vintage Clubmaster, reimagined for today’s aesthetic.
• A tactile texture that introduces a third dimension to the stainless steel, with the top front part and the beginnings of temples engraved in a
subtle geometric rhythm of vertical lines.
• A two-tone color palette that enriches the interplay of textures, magnifying the frame’s visual depth.
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