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Optometry Student Essentials Kits: the ultimate tools for future optometrists

Grafton Optical unveils Optometry Student Essentials Kits: the ultimate tools for future optometrists

Grafton Optical is proud to announce the launch of our new Optometry Student Essentials Kits. These comprehensive kits are specifically designed to meet the needs of optometry students at UK universities, providing them with the essential tools required for their academic and practical training.

Starting out in the field of optometry can be both exciting and challenging, especially when it comes to equipping oneself with the necessary tools. Grafton Optical understands the importance of having reliable, high-quality instruments and has curated six distinct kits to suit various needs and budgets.

Why choose Grafton Optical Student Essentials Kits?


Comprehensive selection: Our kits range from basic to advanced, ensuring that all students, from first-year beginners to advanced learners, can find the perfect set to match their needs.

Quality assurance
: All instruments included in our kits are sourced from reputable manufacturers known for their precision and durability.

Affordable options: With a variety of price points, we make it easy for students to invest in high-quality tools without breaking the bank. For purchases of £750 and over in our online shop, customers can choose to spread the cost of their purchase over 9 months at 0% APR with Esi-Pay financing.

Expert support: Grafton Optical is committed to supporting the optometry community. Our team of experts are always available to provide guidance and answer any questions students may have about their equipment.


David Thickens, CEO at Grafton Optical, commented:

We are excited to offer these practice essentials kits to the upcoming generation of optometrists. Our aim is to provide students with not just the tools they need, but with the confidence that they are using industry-standard equipment from the start. These kits reflect our commitment to giving students the best possible foundation by offering top-quality instruments at affordable prices.”

Optometry Student Essentials Kits can be purchased online from For inquiries regarding bulk purchases, please contact or call us on 01923 233980

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