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Local MP praises speedy access to eyecare at Newmedica

Local MP praises speedy access to eyecare at Newmedica

NORTH Norfolk MP Duncan Baker visited Newmedica Norwich to discuss the importance of speedy access to ophthalmology services for people in Norfolk, and to understand more about how Newmedica make a positive difference for patients, their families and friends in the local area.

Ophthalmology is currently the busiest outpatient speciality in secondary care and makes up almost 10% of the entire waiting list. Such demand means that many patients will go unseen by an NHS doctor for months, or even years, losing precious time to address preventable sight loss.

Newmedica brings ophthalmologists and operational managers together, to provide consistency of care through local ownership for local patients. The challenge presented by an aging population is significant when it comes to the NHS delivering quality ophthalmic care for chronic diseases. This includes detection of so-called ‘silent diseases’ – those with no obvious symptoms that can only be picked up by regular monitoring.

Karen Hansed, Operations Director; Newmedica Norwich said: ‘We were delighted to welcome Mr Baker to Newmedica to show him the wide range of eyecare treatment pathways we provide, including for cataract, oculoplastics and glaucoma, and to show him some of the surgeries we carry out every day in our specialist eye clinic.

‘It was great to discuss the importance of our services and how much they can do to reduce long-term health issues as well as the positive impact they have on people’s lives,’ she added.

Karen Croker Director of Contracting at Newmedica added: ‘We valued the opportunity to speak to Duncan about how Newmedica plays a part in the local health economy, including delivering specialist training for the ophthalmologists of the future. It is vital that Government continues to give ophthalmology the attention it deserves, and we look forward to continue working closely with the NHS on these issues.

Mr Baker said: ‘It’s great to see how independent providers such as Newmedica are supporting the local community by ensuring they have access to first class eyecare services. It was fantastic to meet some of my own constituents who were attending clinic that morning. After my own complex cataract surgery earlier this year I know just how precious our eyesight is and how important it is to look after it.’

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