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New ultra compact refraction station opens opportunities for ECPs

New ultra compact refraction station opens opportunities for ECPs

Vision S from Essilor
Essilor introduces the Vision-S 700 refraction station which combines an ultra-compact design, with a unique immersive patient experience and fast, accurate refraction to provide ECPs with new business boosting opportunities.


Designed to meet the world’s growing demand for refraction due to lifestyle changes, intensive screen use and ageing populations, the Vision Station’s value lies in generating extra refraction capacity without the need for additional space.

Paul Cumber, director at Essilor Instruments UK & Ireland said: “In a position where two thirds of the UK population is overdue an eye examination due to the covid situation, the Vision-S 700 refraction station will help to increase the productivity of eye care professionals and boost business.

“It incorporates all of Essilor’s advances in refraction technology and pushes the boundaries even further. It succeeds in concentrating a full refraction room into an immersive station thus gaining space while expanding traffic by offering patients a totally new experience. A revolution in the industry.”

A space saver and game changer

The Vision-S 700 eliminates the need for the traditional patient chart distance of 20 ft (six metres) thanks to patented display screen and exclusive distance simulation technology that allow it to test enhanced near capabilities through to infinity within the device itself.

The valuable freed-up floor space allows stores to reinvent the practice in imaginative new ways, whether creating extra refraction lanes or other business generating activities.

It also helps to promote social distancing as it can be operated by a keypad at a distance of seven metres away from the patient.

When refraction becomes an experience to remember

On top of its space-saving feature, the Vision-S 700 offers a totally unique, immersive patient experience that drives traffic, helps convert sales and transforms the overall business potential. Essilor exclusive immersive imaging places the patient in lifelike images and simulates real-life conditions.

Paul Cumber continued: “As well as obtaining the best refractive results, the Vision-S 700 gives the patient a unique refractive experience that generates traffic through word-of-mouth and differentiates the store.

“Designed to promote the sale of a complementary pair, the unique immersive module and SunRx converter show the prescription in action and drive incremental sales.”

Speed and accuracy built on exclusive innovation

Fast, accurate and easy to use, the new Vision-S 700 immersive refraction station ensures gold standard accuracy and rapid three-minute refraction with Essilor’s Digital Infinite

Refraction method and exclusive Liquid Lens Optical Module.

Its unique set of Smart Programs and Algorithms simplify the exam and make it highly accessible and user friendly.

By simply recording the patient’s answers, the smart programs and algorithms together with the optical module properties enable automatic calculation of the refraction result. The continuous and smaller increment possibilities combined with the secured automatic protocol contributes to greater accuracy.

Approved by experts and validated by patients (three out of four prefer it to a traditional phoropter), the Vision-S 700 is a smart component in any ambitious practice.

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