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New Regional Lead for ABDO in South

The Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) is welcoming a new regional lead for the South of England.


Ruth Shelton has been a qualified dispensing optician since 1995. Ruth has been involved with Oxfordshire LOC for four years. Ruth will be moving from a local lead to regional lead.

The ABDO regional leads are an integral part of the policy team who help deliver the ABDO objectives on maintaining high level DO services and developing them further to provide extended services within their local areas.

Ruth Shelton says: “ABDO has made large strides over the past few years promoting its members with extended services including MECs pathways and I am looking forward to helping local leads influence these advancements for the wider benefit of all ABDO members.

“I’m pretty sure I’m the only FBDO who is also a chartered member of the Landscape Institute in the country. There are lots of similarities between the worlds of landscape and optics, there are also lots of differences. I’ve found over the years that my experiences in one professional setting often help in the other.”

As well as now being Regional Lead Ruth is also;

  • a member of the ABDO sustainability working group
  • sustainability champion and interim treasurer of Oxfordshire LOC

Commenting on the appointment, Debbie McGill, Policy and Public Affairs lead, said: “Ruth brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, which is an asset to us and our members and will enable her to provide support and assist with development going forward.”


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