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New At Home Vision Check now available

New At Home Vision Check now available

My Vision Check
The new At Home Vision Check is said to be capable of driving consumers back to practices.

Essilor Ltd has launched My Vision Check, a new app to conduct simple eye screenings at home and signpost patients to their local independent optician for a full eye examination.

The easy-to-use tool is a great first step for consumers who may have neglected their eyes during this past year and are overdue an eye examination.

Using a smartphone and mirror, the app goes through a series of questions on the user’s vision and a test is proposed to check distance vision.

Tim Precious, managing director at Essilor Ltd, said: “Over the past year many people will have noticed evermore the importance of good vision with more time spent working from home and increased time spent on screens. My Vision Check will help drive these consumers back into practice for an eye examination.

“We believe that by offering a simple and free resource for the public to assess their vision at home, it will not only help educate consumers on the importance of looking after their eyes but also help ECPs attract the public into practice to start, or resume, their eyecare journey.”


The test takes less than ten minutes and checks if the user can detect Landolt ring optotypes corresponding to 20/20 visual acuity at a far distance, while wearing their usual optical correction if they have any.

The user is given a test score and summary on completion encouraging them to book an appointment via the app for a comprehensive eye examination at their local optician.

Edward Mallen, Professor of Physiological Optics at the University of Bradford, tested the app and commented: “This app is easy to use and will be a very useful additional tool to help the public seek essential eye care. It provides a useful screening test and helps to deliver the important message to the public to have their eyes examined regularly.

“The app states repeatedly that it is not performing a full eye examination and advises the user to consult their eye care practitioner.”

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