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New advanced eye drops from the Body Doctor

Three times the action for tackling dry eye

The Eye Doctor Advanced Triple Action Eye Drops for dry eye were launched at 100% Optical by The Body Doctor Ltd, which also saw a record-breaking sales day for all of its eye care products on the Sunday of the London show.

Targeting all three layers of the tear film, The Eye Doctor Advanced Triple Action Eye Drops feature an advanced microemulsion lipid-based formula for treating and preventing symptoms of moderate to severe dry eye.

The triple-action formula is clinically proven to strengthen the tear film and repair the ocular surface, helping cells to recover from inflammatory damage. The main ingredients are trehalose, a natural sugar used in ophthalmology and sacha inchi seed oil from an Amazonian plant which helps with moisture retention, as well as lubricating hyaluronic acid and glycerol, a moisturising agent.

With patented non-blurring DEMET technology, the new Advanced Triple Action Eye Drops are suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

The Body Doctor Ltd’s Optical Director, Ross Bailey, said: “The launch of The Eye Doctor Advanced Triple Action Eye Drops is an exciting launch for us as it marks the beginning of our new advanced range set to debut throughout 2024. This product represents as a clinical leap forward in our offerings, addressing the critical etiological factors of dry eye; unstable tear film, hyperosmolarity and ocular surface inflammation and damage.

“The formula combines high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and trehalose with enhanced lipid layer support. The result is a product that doesn’t just offer temporary relief but provides a long-lasting solution for patients suffering from dry eye. It’s a testament to our commitment to eye care innovation and our dedication to improving patient outcomes.”

At 100% Optical, The Body Doctor Ltd announced that an independent patient survey had revealed that 83 per cent of those who took part preferred The Eye Doctor Advanced Triple Action Eye Drops to their usual eye drops, with 67 per cent finding the new drop easier to use and 92 per cent preferring the translucent bottle.


The Dry Eye Revolution

At the 10th anniversary London show, The Body Doctor Ltd also launched the Dry Eye Revolution, a powerhouse of knowledge, guidance and expertise to help practices become a fully functional dry eye clinic within 30 days. As part of the launch, The Body Doctor Ltd has teamed up with Advanced Ophthalmic Systems (AOS), with the AOS software helping practitioners better manage their dry eye and contact lens patients.

AOS gives practices clear and concise digital imagery which can be used within appointments to help educate patients and track their progress. Additional tools and features are provided in the software to enable better image analytics and to provide the best functionality from a non-digital slit lamp and the AOS apps.

As part of the Dry Eye Revolution, practices receive a free three-month trial subscription to the software which allows for objective grading of the anterior segment, image enhancement, live video calling between the practitioner and the patient, reporting and access to a remote visual acuity system.

Other features include a community WhatsApp group, point-of-sale materials, digital assets for social media and a designated key account manager to ensure a smooth transition and unlimited ongoing support.

Mr Bailey commented: “The positive feedback for our Dry Eye Revolution at 100% Optical solidifies our commitment to advancing dry eye care. Our partnership with Advanced Ophthalmic Systems aims to transform our customers into partners, especially supporting independent opticians in this journey.

He added: “We’re well on our way to establishing 100 new dry eye clinics, leveraging AOS software and our innovative products to enhance care standards. This effort is not just about selling products, it’s about reshaping the industry and providing unmatched support to practitioners. By doing so, we’re setting new benchmarks in dry eye treatment.”

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