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Meet the people featured in Opchat News live at 100%

“People making the news, now in person.”

Opchat News will be presenting a series of lectures at 100% Optical courtesy of using our Headline Sponsors Optical Suppliers Association’s 24 seater auditorium on all 3 days

The Editor, Bob Hutchinson, who will be present to introduce the speakers and available to meet supporters on all 3 lecture spots at 2-3pm each day.  commented, ” 100% Optical has been a show that we assisted from the earliest days in news and communications and as always this year post pandemic it will be a celebration of all things that are good about UK Optics. The vibrant fashion scene, the widest equipment display ever and the sheer buzz that we can expect from meeting old friends once again face to face.  The OSA have given us the opportunity to reach out to you our readers and bring some of the stories we have been publishing to life by providing a stage for those involved to show their passion for their subjects. Here not only can you hear from them directly but you can interact and meet with them. I urge you all to take a well-earned break from CPD hunting and come and listen to 3 very important topics we will bring to the stage.

On each of the three days at 2.00pm Opchat News will be presenting an interesting and educative lecture from a series of 3 lectures.

Take a break from the CPD treadmill and meet the people who are making the news.

The lectures will take place on the Optical Supplier’s Association stand M230 who have kindly offered their 60-seater auditorium for our use.

Opchat News series “People making the news, now in person.” starts at 2 pm on the Saturday of 100% Optical 

Saturday April 23rd

Meet and hear Lisa Donaldson, Head of Eyecare at SeeAbility.

“Takeaways for ECPs in examining, diagnosing and assisting those with learning difficulties & disabilities to improve outcomes for life  “


Lisa will be talking about her work at SeeAbility with children with learning disabilities attending special schools and the NHS Special Schools Eye care service. She will also reference specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia /dyspraxia and the difference between the two levels of learning difficulty and why eye care is so important for children with either.

She will highlight the issue of diagnostic overshadowing (behaviours caused by poor vision being wrongly attributed to someone’s learning disability).

Discuss the SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) white paper published this month, Vision screening recommendations/services, the Special Schools Eye Care service and SeeAbility’s campaign for equitable services for children and adults in the community (the LOCSU learning disability pathway).

Who should attend:

Community Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians, those designing and working with Learning Difficulty/ Disability Pathways, people who want to make a real positive difference in vision care for those with learning difficulties and disabilities.


The Following Day, Sunday April 24th at 2.00pm follows an interactive debate that just might start a process that will change your professional life.

“Work for yourself and make the decisions that matter independently – 60 minutes that might change your life”

Main Speaker Dr. Christian French Chairman AIO


Dr Christian French




The hour will be devoted to demonstrating how eyecare professionals can make the short step to working independently providing for freedom of choice in the way they serve patients and customers.

Examples of the help that is on offer will be on display, and practical steps to be taken along the way to being in control of your professional work practices and routines will be presented by the AIO Practice Support Network. The AIO team will also further demonstrate how in some practices going “private” is a viable decision. 

Duration 60 minutes



Who Should attend

ECP’s, Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians and CLO’s if you harbour aspirations of working independently making decisions that are attractive to their customers and building their own asset base you should attend.  

On the 3rd and final day at join us for a comprehensive update on the work of VisionBridge and how new technology can now help the visually impaired. 

Meet and hear from Julian Jackson, founder of VisionBridge a charity that has made positive steps to initiate and encourage assisted technology for the visually impaired.

“The power of assistive technologies and why they matter in the fight against sight loss”


Julian Jackson


As a blind user of assistive technologies, Julian wants to be mobile, independent, safe and informed. In this context, He will introduce his social enterprise VisionBridge and his work

to not only support eye research but also to champion particularly innovative so called “wearables, portables, solutions and Apps.” And the rehabilitative value that they offer users. He will touch on specific examples of technical ingenuity in the fields of vision enhancement,

object avoidance and recognition, orientation and navigation and just some of the emerging trends worldwide.

He will highlight the current barriers for vi patients to accessing such technologies and the critical need for all professionals across eye health, healthcare, education, community,

voluntary and social care sectors to help spread the word about the benefits of such technologies

Duration 45 minutes

Who should attend:

All ECPs who encounter the Visually Impaired so they can gain knowledge about the latest additional and practical solutions available in the marketplace. Key opinion formers of the vision care sector.



 “I do hope we can receive your full support at our lecture series on each at the 3 days and remember always at 2 pm each day on stand M230, I am looking forward to meeting you there.” Bob Hutchinson, Ed and President Elect RSM General Practice with Primary Health Care. 


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