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Join us at SEE,Summit on the Environment.

Join us at SEE,Summit on the Environment.

On Earth Day, the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) is calling on everyone across the optical professions and industry to save the 4th of October 2021 for the inaugural SEE Summit on the Environment.

ABDO formed a working group at the start of 2021 to address Social, Ethical and Environmental (SEE) issues with the aim of working across the industry to increase awareness and engagement. As part of this project, ABDO is calling on practice owners, professionals and manufacturers to take part in a launch event to promote environmental sustainability in the UK optical sector and contribute to the Government’s goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The event will take place in the run-up to the COP climate change summit in November 2021 and will highlight the importance of environmental sustainability and inspire change by sharing good practice case studies and providing practical advice.

ABDO Vice President Daryl Newsome says, “We all recognise the importance of climate change and pollution. Many different organisations within optics are making great efforts to make our industries and professions environmentally sustainable. ABDO would like to play its part by bringing together individuals and organisations to support and recognise their efforts and achievements and to share best practices in an impartial and collaborative way.”

The event is supported by the OSA. Stuart Burn, Chairman of the OSA says, “The OSA is delighted to be a part of the first SEE Summit in October where optical bodies can help shape a better future for our planet. This fantastic initiative will bring positive change and lasting effects to the optical sector and the environment we inhabit.”

ABDO’s working group is also looking to develop a network involving professional bodies, manufacturers, practice owners and practitioners, all of whom can work together to highlight good practice and raise awareness of the importance of this issue.

If you have environmental initiatives you would like to showcase in the run up to or at the event, please email

If you would like to be involved in or support the event, email

If you would like to attend: save the date: Monday 4 October 2021 from 7 to 8.30pm. An announcement will be made when bookings open.

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