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Isabelle: ready-to-‘eye’wear acetate for women.

Isabelle: ready-to-‘eye’wear acetate for women.

Easy-to-wear frame isabelle. A wind of color and freshness is blowing. Refreshing. Invigorating.

OKO by OKO brings good vibes to its women’s optical collection with this ISABELLE frame – ideal for looking to the future with positive energy. This frame is soft, feminine with this extra soft color.

Easy-to-wear, this ready-to-‘eye‘wear blows a wind of color and freshness – with refreshing and invigorating tones – like the traditional black or tortoiseshell acetate frame.

With this ISABELLE eyewear, the brand wants to dress women’s eyes with a contemporary sensibility, in tune with the times and without fuss – defined by innovative and shimmering acetate colors.


ISABELLE is an artistic and modern demonstration of how beautiful eyewear can be a unique combination of colors, shapes and materials bringing a distinctive style. We have a pure, elegant design but still in the distinctive ‘creator’ line of the brand.

These glasses will of course delight fans of glasses with character and style. Designer eyewear, yes, but accessible to all!
And there, we realize the obvious: everything is consciously and elegantly offbeat, as if the brand gave life to its ideas and creations by thinking of only one thing: allowing the wearer to reveal themselves and dare to display their personality.
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