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IMMAGINE98 GETS a new look

IMMAGINE98 GETS a new look 
Immagine 98 eye glasses

Restyling of the corporate site and the portals of its four brands

The Cadore-based company specialized in eyewear – owner of the distinctive X-Ide, Rye&Lye, MIC, and I-Man brands – has brought about an amazing transformation of its websites, focusing on high-impact imagery and brief but powerful messaging
October 2023 – The restyling of its websites is a major transformation of the company’s communication strategy. It takes into account the power of images and their ability to immediately engage the viewer and to tell the story that underlies each collection. With a fresh, innovative perspective, Immagine98 has abandoned a traditional approach in favor of a visually captivating design and more direct communication.

“We needed a different, more immediate and compelling means of communicating through our Web tools,” explained Susi Tabacchi, Managing Director of Immagine98. “Our brands have unique stories to tell. Our aim was to capture the essence of each brand through high-impact images and brief but sharp text.”

Creative, instantly engaging and contemporary – a unique blend of features to bring fresh, more innovative and convincing appeal to the new sites. “We are thrilled to introduce this new style in our direct communication channel with our optician partners and also with end consumers, to provide them with a deeper understanding of our world,” continued Susi Tabacchi. A new look and interface, with a fresh graphic design, updated but without completely cutting ties with the past. “We are bound to tradition and to our roots and we wanted to refresh the image without, however, completely breaking with the past.”

The corporate website (  provides an overview of the collections with high-quality images that focus-in on the details and the distinctive style of each product. The brief, persuasive messages are crafted to convey the uniqueness of each brand and immediately capture the viewer’s attention. The goal is to provide a behind-the-scenes portrayal of who we are through an in-depth selection of content and information that offers users a panoramic view of the world of Immagine98. Opticians can explore our collections, download the catalogs and peruse clippings of what domestic and international media are saying about us. “We want our websites to be more than simple showcases. More like functional work tools for our partners, who will be able to convey our values and talk about who we are, what our eyewear are like and the tremendous amount of work that goes into them.”

“We wanted to give the Immagine98 websites and their brands a strong visual identity without forgetting the brand’s all-important legacy,” remarked Giovanni Castoldi, webmaster of the agency that created the new portals. “Which is why we chose to create a hub with a simple, immediate, efficient structure using clear yet dynamic language.” Flexible, multifunctional platforms that offer users the very best navigation experience. Starting with the home page, visitors are greeted by a user-friendly interface and a well-groomed, sophisticated layout that provides fluid, speedy navigation.

A website that opticians and end users can relate to, with contemporary storytelling. The Immagine98 ( site has a horizontal structure with a spellbinding opening video and impactful images paired with key phrases that narrate “Design and the pursuit of excellence are our values”; “Innovation, creativity and movement make us feel alive”; “Incalculable curiosity and attention to detail”; “A passion for beauty, our hallmark”; “Irony, provocation and a touch of transgression characterize our work”. A website that opticians and end users can relate to, with contemporary storytelling. The Immagine98 ( tells its story through a strikingly eloquent video and images of the Dolomite mountains that inspired it. The same horizontal layout and stunning images narrate Rye&Lye (, a hive of creativity whose story is told through powerful messaging that unveils a synthesis between past and future where design, excellence and the uniqueness of being Italian come together to generate a new way of seeing, interpreting and creating design objects. And, if X-Ide ( is a full-color palette whose story unfolds through rural images that recount its innate creativity, I-Man ( is cinema in black&white, the amalgamation of minimalist and rationalist lifestyles, for a collection that makes sleek simplicity its mantra.

Immagine98 invites everyone to explore its new websites and discover for themselves the universe of elegance and innovation that distinguishes each of its brands. This restyling project marks a meaningful step forward in the company’s mission to share the beauty and uniqueness of eyewear with the people of the world.

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