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Humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw

Humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw

Shamir Group employees around the world are mobilized for humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw

As of Tuesday, last week, Shamir operates voluntarily mobile laboratories for testing and fitting eyeglasses among Ukrainian refugees, located at the Patk Expo complex in Warsaw.

The mobile laboratories, located on trucks, are equipped with the most advanced technological equipment for the rapid production of advanced lenses – about 150 pairs of lenses, including coating and fitting to the frame of glasses every day. Three complexes were established at the site: a reception complex, a selection of spectacle frames and the mobile laboratory on the truck.

Shamir Optics’ delegation in Poland consists 16 of the company’s employees  from Israel, (including former immigrants from Ukraine) who volunteer together with other workers from Portugal, Poland, and France all for the benefit of the refugees  led by Nir Shmuel, Shamir Group COO & Ronen Tsur Shamir Poland GM, Luis Feijo Shamir Portugal GM.

The mobile laboratories located in the Patk Expo complex in Warsaw, which serves as a center for refugees from Ukraine where more than 8000 refugees stay on average every day. The refugees, children, and adults, arrive at the site where a vision test is performed to adjust the type of lenses, they choose a frame for the glasses and before the end of the day, they receive ready-made glasses.

The thousands of frames brought to Poland were donated in Israel by leading companies such as Opticana and others and from customers of Shamir companies in Portugal, Spain, Germany, UK, and the Netherlands.

Nir Shmuel, Shamir Group COO: “Eyeglasses are an essential accessory in everyday life for everyone who needs them. It is difficult to describe what happens to children and adults who during the war and experienced from the battles lost or broke their spectacles and through them the ability to communicate with the environment. During all hours of the day, our mobile labs serve the children, young people and adults who come to the complex and there are no words to describe the excitement of us all when the customer gets his hands on the new glasses and starts seeing again.

“The intention is to stay there for about two weeks as part of which we will be able to provide hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses to anyone who needs them. I would like to thank all the Shamir Optics teams in Israel and around the world, who came to Warsaw to help refugees and all our business partners.

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