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High Line By Hapter:

High Line By Hapter:

Perfect synthesis between avant-garde design and craftsmanship

HAPTER dedicates High Line, the line of eyeglasses and sunglasses in which the essence of the brand rises to a sophisticated architectural design combined with refined decorative elements.

Thus, the High Line models are characterized by generous shapes and volumes, and they express the avant-garde and technological soul of all HAPTER frames.

The traditional eyewear shapes – double aviator bridge, round and squared slightly butterfly – are now interpreted according to a design that translates into unique structural solutions, skillfully combined with an original aesthetic and a contemporary taste also for the choice of coal black colors, leaf orange, lichen green, Phoenician purple, Persian red.

The result is unique frames, the final step of a maniacal micro-craftsmanship process that maximizes the concept of exclusivity. HAPTER’s experimental research is also found in the choice of materials, with surgical steel over-fused by rubber through a special proprietary and patented internal production process.


All High Line glasses are equipped with the patented 8-GON hinge, with a peculiar geometric shape – between an octagon and a square – which, hooked to metal teeth on the temple, is embraced and locked, enriching the action of opening/closing the temple of a precise tension that conveys the quality of the design.


Like every HAPTER creation, also High Line is manufactured in Hapterìa, the brand’s new ATELIER, where the frames are the work of art of a post-industrial craftsman, a new figure who acts alongside the designer with the aim of creating unique pieces that are, undoubtedly, 100% Made in Italy.

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