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Gogglebox watchers warned of Dry Eye Risks

TV campaign turns the spotlight on dry eye risk from screen time


A television campaign highlighting the risk of dry eye from increasing screen time has been launched by The Body Doctor Ltd, manufacturer of the Eye Doctor range of eye drops, compresses and eyelid wipes.

Based on a data survey of office workers and extensive clinical data, the campaign highlights that adults are spending eight hours a day on average looking at screens which can lead to dry, sore and gritty eyes. The messaging also warns that intensive screen use can reduce blinking by up to 60 per cent.

The month-long campaign from the Yorkshire manufacturer is running throughout June and will be shown on Sky live and on-demand in the Leeds and Sheffield areas. It highlights the soothing benefits of The Eye Doctor eye drops for dry eye and ends with the slogan, ‘You Care, We Care, Eye Care.’

The Body Doctor’s Sales and Marketing Director, Sam Wymer, said: “We have launched this year’s TV campaign to raise awareness on the importance of looking after our eyes. As we all know, the modern day demands of screens, screens and more screens while checking our phones, using computers and watching TV can potentially lead to long term damage from dry eye. We are very excited about the anticipated patient response to this initiative.”

The Eye Doctor range for dry eye includes Daily Refresh Eye Drops, Intensive Relief Eye Drops and the new Intensive Relief Dry Eye Mist which was showcased at 100% Optical in February.

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