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Further New Year’s Reflections

Further New Year’s Reflections

Mike Ockendon Sec. of Association of Independent Optometrists
Mike Ockendon the AIO secretary has added his organisation’s consideration of the prospects of change for Optics UK after the passing of the pandemic.

Answering Opchat News’s request for a viewpoint on whether the pandemic has created a turning point in the way Optical Services are provided to and used by the public whilst he offers a rosy possibility to establish clear water between the role of clinician and retailer.

He takes a more cynical view that there will be no change and states that “There are also signs that those who centre their practices around retailing are not prepared to put their weight behind progressing the role of optometry.”

Read more in our original news piece here.

(The GOC, AOP and FODO have not as yet offered a view)

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