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“Experience the Power of Partnership” at OC

OutsideClinic Launches Joint Venture Partnership Experience: “Experience the Power of Partnership”

OutsideClinic, the UK’s largest and fastest-growing provider of home eye care services, is thrilled to unveil a unique opportunity for optometrists to immerse themselves in a Joint Venture Partnership (JVP) experience titled “Experience the Power of Partnership.” This tailored event will provide optometrists with an in-depth understanding of the collaborative possibilities that a Joint Venture Partnership can offer.

As the demand for domiciliary eye care services grows in response to an ageing population, OutsideClinic aims to bridge the optometrist gap to ensure that everyone who requires these services has access to life-changing eye care. The JVP model, launched in September 2022, is designed to provide ambitious, committed, and patient-centred optometrists with a compelling opportunity to combine a rewarding career with the advantages of owning a business.

The” Power of Partnership” experience will enable optometrists to visit OutsideClinic’s brand-new headquarters after a successful office relocation in April 2023. With dates available from 12th May until the end of August, optometrists can conveniently schedule their preferred date and time to participate in this great opportunity.

During the event, participants will have the chance to explore key aspects of the JVP model, including:

  • The comprehensive business and clinical support from OutsideClinic’s experienced team
  • Access the state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology that OutsideClinic offers
  • Engage with the experienced team of professionals and experts
  • Unleash the transformative potential of a thriving Joint Venture Partnership

Dan Edwards, Optical Commercial and Training Manager, at OutsideClinic, said: “We’ve created the ‘Power of Partnership’ experience event to offer optometrists a unique and comprehensive insight into our Joint Venture Partnership model. Participants will learn about the benefits of a JVP and have the chance to engage with our expert team and explore our cutting-edge technology. It’s an exciting opportunity for optometrists to truly understand the impact a JVP can have on their careers and the lives of their patients.”

Since the JVP model launch in September 2022, OutsideClinic now has 16 Joint Venture Partners working across the UK to help meet the strong demand for at-home eye care services and are aiming to grow their partnerships even further in 2023.

The JVP model means that optometrists can now combine a rewarding career where they deliver genuinely life-changing care with all the benefits of owning their own company – with guaranteed client acquisition, comprehensive marketing support and ongoing business development all included in the package. In addition, there’s no weekend work, helping optometrists to achieve a better work-life balance.

Partners have access to a steady flow of patients and the opportunity to build and run a fully supported domiciliary practice, with a proactive head office team taking care of marketing, appointment scheduling, HR and the accounts. The partnerships give optometrists the flexibility to manage their day, with the freedom to be out and about rather than tied in a testing room all of the time. In addition, they provide optometrists with the chance to use all of their clinical expertise and to really make a difference to people’s lives whilst building a successful business of their own.

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