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EMNUK Ltd proposes plans to restructure

EMNUK Ltd proposes plans to restructure

EMNUK Ltd (“EMNUK”), an Essilor Group company, has today proposed plans to restructure its site in Quedgeley, Gloucester, and withdraw the Kodak brand from its lens offer to independent ECPs within the UK and Ireland, by the end of Q3 2021. The company has entered a period of consultation with the staff at the site that may be impacted.

Brian Deegan, Managing Director of EMNUK, said: “We are proposing a significant change to our operations, in what are challenging times.

“Full support will be given to staff throughout the consultation period, including the application process for a number of jobs that may be available at other Essilor Group locations, as a result of these proposed changes which place around 40 staff at risk.

“Our Group’s commitment to Independent high street ECPs remains as strong as ever with continued investment in brands which offer differentiation, in addition to continuing investment at our larger sites.

“We are communicating our proposals to restructure with the Independent Kodak Lens Vision Centres (KLVC) partners we supply in the UK, and likewise will support them through any changes that may affect them.”

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