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Drivers will have eye sight tested by Police

Police Checks to Test Drivers’ Vision

Police forces across the UK will be conducting roadside vision screenings this week as part of a national initiative to highlight motorists’ legal obligation to ensure their vision is roadworthy every time they get behind the wheel.

The results of this roadside vision screening activity will then be collated and analysed ahead of the Spring launch of ‘Is Your Vision Roadworthy?’ – a major new public information campaign supported by a host of motoring, road safety and optical organisations.

Sussex Police Chief Constable and Roads Police Lead for the National Police Chiefs’ Council, Jo Shiner comments: “Personal responsibility is the starting point for safer roads.  Making sure your eyesight meets the standards of vision for driving is really important and something only you can do to keep yourself and all other road users safe while driving.”

Comprehensive community engagement toolkits have been sent to every police force across the UK to promote the importance of good vision for safe driving and the importance of having routine eye tests to prevent your eyesight becoming a road safety risk.

During the roadside vision screening motorists will be asked to read a number plate from a distance of 20 metres. All tests will be conducted in good daylight conditions, using a registration plate affixed to a vehicle at the correct measured distance (20m), with the driver wearing any eyesight correction (eg: spectacles) worn at the time of driving.

Under legislation known as Cassie’s Law, drivers who fail a roadside number plate test could have their licence revoked on the spot if a police officer deems them to be unsafe to be on the road. Other penalties for not meeting the legal eyesight standards include a possible fine or penalty points on your licence.

In addition to the roadside vision checks the team behind the Is Your Vision Roadworthy? campaign will be running a FREE vision and driving webinar hosted by TV and radio presenter Valerie Singleton, OBE.

During this interactive online event, which takes place at 2pm on 14 March, motorists will have the have the opportunity to find out more about the legal eyesight standards for drivers and the vital role good eyesight plays in reducing risks on the road.

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