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Digital marketing for Varilux to begin

Essilor provides digital support for Varilux brand

Essilor Ltd has created an exciting digital media campaign for its Varilux® brand with the potential to be seen 42 million times.

Digital assets feature short videos of real-life testimonials and static social media posts containing stats from a consumer study showing that nine out of 10 wearers were convinced by Varilux® lenses after trying them for two weeks1.

The assets are available for ECPs to download and use on their own social media channels to raise awareness of the benefits of Varilux® lenses amongst a 40-plus demographic who could benefit from trying a progressive lens.

Adverts will also target a presbyopia audience, appearing on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads from 11 April with a call to action to visit to learn more about the lenses and find a local Essilor Expert to book an eye test.

The campaign is expected to achieve over 42 million advert impressions, with over 191,000 expected clicks on the adverts.

Alan Pitcher, commercial director at Essilor Ltd said: “We hope ECPs can get involved by downloading the latest digital assets and using them as part of their social media activity this month.

“It will help drive awareness of the lens as a way to achieve sharp vision at every distance with seamless transition from near to far. It will also lead to increased footfall in-store by encouraging consumers to seek help and explore progressive lenses with their local optician.”

POS materials, large scale window graphics and a direct mail leaflet can also be purchased with loyalty points.

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  1. Varilux® Deprivation Study, Eurosyn 3rd independent party, France, 2020 (n=102 participants, among which 53 first time progressive lenses wearers). © Essilor International
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