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BeyondAutism asks for help from our readers 

BeyondAutism asks for help from our readers

Park House School, is a special school for children with autism.

Patrycja Marcinkowska explains,”The majority of our pupils communicate without words, using sign, PECS or gestures and they all have support from a 1:1 tutor throughout the school day. We are hoping to help out pupils learn about attending medical appointments and tolerating different procedures, among them visits at the opticians. Most of our pupils find the visits very stressful , which, in turns makes it difficult for the parents to attend eye checks with their children.”  

“We are in the process of setting up a new medical room and we are in need of optometry equipment to run desensitization programmes. Would you have any old equipment that you would like to donate to us so we can practice the procedures in school, please?” 

Beyond Autism  would  be very grateful for any equipment you can give them to help their pupils tolerate visits to the optician to make things easier for them, their families and professionals. Please let me know if this is something you could offer us, or if you would like any further information.


Patrycja Marcinkowska BCBA
ABA Supervisor
Park House School: 020 3031 9700
Tram House School: 020 3031 9707
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