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BCLA Webinar will look at impact of menopause on eye health

BCLA Webinar will look at impact of menopause on eye health


A BCLA webinar will look at the impact going through the menopause can have on female eye health.

Stuti Misra BCLA Delivered by Dr Stuti Misra , the session aims to raise awareness of common effects of menopause and inform eye care practitioners and patients, including women and men.

The session, entitled ‘Menopause and its impact on eyes’, will be held from 7pm on Wednesday 18 October.

Dr Misra, who works as a senior lecturer in the department of ophthalmology at the University of Auckland, said: “An optimum balance of several hormones is required to maintain tear film integrity and ocular surface health. The beginning of perimenopause and menopause impact skin and ocular function significantly, as they do the rest of the body.

“Although the general notion of worsening dry eye in postmenopausal women exists, there remains a paucity of clinical data in the literature. This lecture will discuss the various changes female body undergoes that may affect the ocular surface throughout life – from puberty, menstruation cycles, contraceptive use, pregnancy and, finally, to stages of menopause.”

Dr Misra’s research interests include anterior segment imaging, ocular surface diseases, corneal innervation and community eye health.

She has 50 peer reviewed publications and is a recipient of the Fulbright New Zealand Scholar Award and the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Achievement Award.

The session is open to all. 1 CPD point is available to BCLA members only.

To register for the session, or to sign up to become a BCLA member, visit


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