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ABDO SEE summit speaker announced

New SEE Summit speaker announced

ABDO has announced that Andrew Clark, BSc (Hons), MSc, AIEMA, will be speaking at the SEE Summit 2023.

Andrew Clark holds an MSc in Ecology & Environmental Management and has spent much of his adult life as an ecologist and multi-award-winning environmental filmmaker.

His portfolio has engaged a multitude of charities, not-for-profit organisations and community groups right through to high levels of government, connecting people, policy and the planet.

Alongside that, he has spent over 7 years working various roles in the family business Practice Building, gaining insights and experience on the ground in the optical industry.

With the release of the Net Zero Optics programme, Andrew’s multifaceted expertise has come to the fore, as he is bringing revolutionary sustainable thinking to transform the optical industry, and our impact on the planet, for the better.

Andrew says; “One of the first things people say about sustainability in our industry is “it’s all about plastic”. Optics is indeed a very plastic-heavy industry, but that needn’t be as debilitating as it’s often perceived. In fact, I’m excited to share how easy and empowering it can be to tackle plastic waste at the practice level, as part of bringing about real change in the industry.”

Andrew’s talk is called ‘No Time For Waste: Reducing Rubbish In Practice.’

Book your place at the third SEE Summit on the Environment on 9 October 2023 to hear more from Andrew and gain inspiring and practical tips from a range of key figures in the industry.

Visit to book. 

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