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100 Speakers over 3 Days at THE: Dry Eye Conference of 2024

International Society Dacryology and Dry Eye XIVth Congress, London, UK

The 6 Symposia of ISD-DE

ISD-DE provides further news on the progress with the ISD-DE XIVth Congress,

The year of The Tear event in London 29th to 31st May 2024. now has over 100 speakers booked, and have 6 Symposia, in the pursuit of unifying Dacryology for optimal watery and dry eye care.

In addition there are the two Eponymous Lectures, by Professor Harminda Dua and by Professor Geoffrey Rose, and many Key Note Lectures, free papers, rapid fire presentations and e posters.

This event is tailored for ophthalmologists, optometrists, contact lens opticians, allied health professionals in ophthalmology and interested medical students.

The Update Course Programme on DAY 1 can be downloaded here, for Wednesday 29th May.

The 6 Symposia which form the backbone of the Scientific Meeting 30th and 31st May can be downloaded here.

Take a look at the symposia lectures

Watery Eyes: Meet the lacrimal team – Surgeon, Anaesthetist, ENT – and Dermatologist! All about Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR): led by Mr Ahmad Aziz, with Dr Natalie Spierings, Ms Vickie Lee, Ms Catherine Rennie and Dr Mark Ferguson.

FCI Gold Sponsor on Innovations on Lacrimal Treatment: Led by Rey Javate, with Dr Lionel Stork and Mr Saul Rajak.

TFOS Lifestyle and Dry Eye: led by TFOS Ms Rachna Murthy with Dr Jonathan Roos, and Ms Nikolina Budimlija.

Lacrimal Oncology: led by Dr Gangaghara Sundar, with Professor Geoffrey Rose, Dr Guy Ben Simon, and Dr Anna Schuh.

DASS (Dry Anophthalmic Socket Syndrome) and lacrimal system dysfunction in patients wearing an ocular prosthesis: led by Dr Alessandra Modugno with Ms Sri Kala Gore and Mr Daniele Lorenzano.

Paediatric Watering eyes: led by Dr Angela Dolmetsch, with Dr Mehdi Fendri, Dr Martin Emesz, Dr Rey Javate and Dr Hunter Yuen.

In all Up to 31 CPD points at the largest Dry and Watery Eye event of the year 

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