Mainline Optical Connections

Mainline Optical is one of the leading suppliers to the optical industry with 40 years of experience.


We are the official UK distributor for the award-winning MEI EasyFit Trend dry-cut edger. Bringing greater accuracy and speed than ever before. No water, no blocks, and no edging pads, ensures the very latest environmentally sustainable and cost saving options for high-volume practices.


Our Huvitz glazing range has something for everyone’s budget, with an easy-to-use interface that matches across the range and ensures all practice team members can glaze spectacles at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing.


Alongside all of this, Mainline Optical also offers a full range of products for your everyday needs, from glazing pads and blocks, to screws, nose pads, and small dispensing equipment.


For more information or to see our products visit, call us at 01377 257752, or email