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Primary eye care during the lockdown

Opticians remain open across the UK to meet eye care needs but must prioritise emergency and essential care. 

In England and Scotland, the College of Optometrists has advised the sector to continue following amber guidance and prioritising emergency and essential eye care.

The College plans to issue more detailed guidance later today.

The Scottish Directorate of Primary Care for Dentistry and Optometry Division, said: “The Scottish government will shortly be issuing a PCA providing further information for the optometry sector. In the meantime, all optometry practices are reminded that they must remain open, continue to scrupulously follow all relevant Infection Prevention and Control measures and guidance, and continue to prioritise emergency and essential care and those patients who are at greatest risk of detriment to sight or wellbeing.”

The situation is unlikely to change for the next 2 months but we will bring you updates from the College and ABDO on trading and on the future loss of education for students.

Extremely clinically vulnerable (shielding) people

In England, the government is advising the clinically extremely vulnerable to begin shielding again. They should only go out for medical appointments and exercise or if it is essential. If they cannot work from home, then they should not attend work (read more).

In Scotland, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has written to everyone on the shielding list with detailed advice.

People on the list should “stay home as much as possible” although they “can still go out for exercise and essential shopping or medicines”. However, they are advised to “strictly follow the guidelines when shopping and limit the number of times you go to a shop. Shop at quieter times”.

If they cannot work from home, the advice is “not to go to work”. They can use the CMO letter as “shielding notification” and show it to their employer as “a fit note for as long as lockdown restrictions are in place”.

We will publish further details as they arrive and you can view the ever increasing infection rates on our Covid Hub at PHN here

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