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New maculopathy training module

New maculopathy training module

WOPEC and LOCSU have launched a new training module, comprising five online lectures intended for optometrists involved in maculopathy referral filtering and monitoring services, as well as Urgent Eye Care services (MECS and CUES). The aim is to build on existing knowledge of maculopathy and improve the efficiency and accuracy of case-finding for AMD (wet active) for both new and review patients. The new module is worth five CET points and has been added to the following series:

WOPEC-LOCSU distance learning lecture series:

• Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS). 7 lectures, 7 CET points
• Glaucoma Services. 4 lectures, 4 CET points
• Cataract Services. 5 lectures, 5 CET points
• Low Vision. 10 lectures, 10 CET points
• Paediatrics. 5 lectures and 4 key feature scenarios, 7 CET points
• Eyecare Services for People with a Learning Disability. 6 lectures, 6 CET points
• Maculopathy. 4 lectures and 1 case scenarios, 5 CET points

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